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Palccoyo Rainbow Mountain Peru – All you have to know

We’ve all heard plenty about Rainbow Mountain, the famous mountain of 7 colors a few hours south of Cusco. But what about Palccoyo? It’s another mountain full of colors and just as beautiful, only not as well known.

We want to show you that it’s just as wonderful to visit and give you a little more information regarding the mountain than the other Rainbow Mountain, Vinicunca. You can decide which you prefer to see, or perhaps even both!

palccoyo Rainbow Mountain

Where Is the Palccoyo Mountain Situated?

The mountain sits in a village of the same name, Palccoyo. This is in the department of Cusco and can be done in a day trip from the city. The peak, and the highest point you reach, is a giant 4,900 masl. This means it gets pretty chilly up there, so you need to be prepared.

How to Get to Palccoyo Mountain

There are a couple of ways you can get to Palccoyo.

By Yourself – You will need to find some transport that takes you on a 3-hour journey towards the district of Combapata. A few minutes before you get to the village, you’ll need to turn left. Use the Checacupe Bridge as a reference.

Continue for another hour in the same car until you get to a car park. From here, you will need to walk around 40 minutes to the mountain itself, and it is a flat walk.

As part of a Tour – Another option, which means you need to do less planning, is to go with a tour group. The tour will take just a day and includes transport, food, and even a guide, so you know a little more about the place itself.

Vinicunca or Palccoyo?

So, you know a little more about the mountain, but should you go there over Vinicunca? Let’s take a further look. Both mountains are close to each other and offer similar sights. We’re going to compare some of the aspects to see which one fits your liking most.

  • The maximum altitude you get to when you visit Palccoyo is 4,900 masl, whereas Vinicunca reaches 5,200 masl. If you’re worried about altitude, Palccoyo will be your best bet.
  • Walking time for Palccoyo is 1 and a half hours there and back. For Vinicunca it takes between 4 and 6 hours, so is quite a lot longer. It all depends on the challenge you wish to undertake.
  • It is said that Palccoyo only requires a low fitness level, but Vinicunca a high one. This is likely due to Palccoyo being a fairly flat trail, but Vinicunca gets steep towards the end.
  • The climate for both mountains is very similar; cold with low temperatures.
  • It’s also best to visit both of them between April and November when it tends to rain a lot less.
  • At Palccoyo you will see a total of 3 mountains, and when you Vinicunca, you’ll see just one.

You can see that most aspects of the mountains are similar. The main differences are regarding altitude, walking time, and difficulty level. Overall, Palccoyo is far easier to walk and doesn’t take as long. It’s recommended for those who don’t wish to walk too much and like smaller crowds of people. If you want a big challenge, then maybe Vinicunca is the one to choose.

Vinicunca rainbow mountain

More About the Climate

We have already mentioned that it gets very chilly when you get to the end of the walk and are standing still admiring the mountain. Here’s a little more info about the two different seasons in the mountains and how you should prepare for this.

The Rainy Season is between December and March, and sometimes a little more on either side; it often rains in the Andes, which can cause fog. It’s sometimes even accompanied by hail or snow. Some days are better than others.

The Dry Season is between April and November, and we enjoy the dry season. It tends to be nice and sunny along the hike and at the mountain to see more clearly. This is the best time to visit.

como ir a palccoyo

Preparing for the Cold

To make sure you are prepared for the harsh climate you should think about taking the following precautions.

  • Thermal underwear
  • Thin layers
  • Gloves and hat
  • Sunscreen, sunhat, and sunglasses as you will be closer to the sun

It’s also recommended that you spend at least two days in the city of Cusco beforehand to acclimatize and so that the cold weather doesn’t affect you so much. Stock up on snacks the evening before you go, so have fuel along the way if needed and water.

Taking a few soles just in case is also handy in case you see something you want to buy or need even more snacks!

Overall Difficulty

This trip isn’t too challenging at all. It requires little physical effort; however, that which you use will be more tiring than usual due to the altitude you are hiking. It’s a great idea if you prefer a lighter trek during your time in Cusco.

Overall Difficulty

This trip isn’t too challenging at all. It requires little physical effort; however, that which you use will be more tiring than usual due to the altitude you are hiking. It’s a great idea if you prefer a lighter trek during your time in Cusco.

So, Take This trip Into Consideration

It’s a worthwhile trip and should consider while visiting Cusco. If you don’t like crowds, this is an excellent hike, and it will not require much physical effort. To top it all off, you’ll be rewarded with a fantastic site at the end. Visit Palccoyo, and you won’t be disappointed.

Tours to Palccoyo and Vinicunca Rainbow Mountain:

Here we show you the best tours to Rainbow Mountain and its alternatives.

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