Palccoyo Rainbow Mountain FAQs
Peru has a large variety of incredible locations to visit, some of which truly stand out with their magnificent look and just breathtaking vistas
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Off the beaten path Cusco 11 Experiences you can not miss
Cusco is the Incan civilization's heart and the gateway to the Sacred Valley. Most people think of Machu Picchu when they hear the words “Sacred Valley,” but there is so much more to this region than solely the world-famous ruins.
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Palccoyo Rainbow Mountain Peru
We’ve all heard plenty about Rainbow Mountain, the famous mountain of 7 colors a few hours south of Cusco. But what about Palccoyo?
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Vinicunca or Palccoyo which one is better
After looking at the distances and deciding which factors are more important to you, it’s time for you to choose where you’ll go.
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The 4 new places to visit in Cusco
If you have ever visited Cusco, you have been left wanting to return. Why does this happen? Cusco is a city with unique energy and history that always has something new to show.
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Palccoyo vs Vinicunca
If you wonder which one is better, that is a personal preference. Vinicunca Rainbow Mountain has beautiful views and the ultimate physical challenge, while Palccoyo Rainbow Mountain offers spectacular views and a challenging trail to climb. They are both located close to Cusco.
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